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【SJ Management Basic Policy】
We will provide customers with solid value and high quality
We will maintain a work environment which is rewarding, has high growth and create a corporate culture with abundant energy.
We will administer a company while valuing interaction with society.
We will strive for the environmental protection of society and nature, and protect the safety and health of all.
【SJ Corporate Behavior Guidelines】

Introduction What are the Security Japan Inc. Behavior Guidelines?
 These behavior guidelines define, striving for the continual existence and success of Security Japan Inc. and contributing to human safety and happiness, how those of us who work there should think and behave.

■Chapter 1 In-house activities
1. Compliance with regulations
 We, as a corporate entity, as well as striving for customer satisfaction as a matter of course, are also members of the citizen and global society, and hence pledge to comply with regulations and social norms, and strive to ensure the harmonious joint existence and prosperity of the company and society.
2. Safety first activity
 Our company promotes its "safety" attribute to the public. Through our products and services, providing our customers with optimal safety as a matter of course, as well as taking the initiative to contribute to the safety of the entire society, we will focus on ensuring safety in our activities.
3. Product development
We will, in order to ensure global competitiveness in product and service development, firmly maintain the goal of achieving optimal global standards.
4. Sales activity
 We shall, as a profit-making company, targeting customer satisfaction as our priority, engage in sales activities.We shall remain aware of the fact that fair profit is not the target but the result.In addition, we shall promote coexistence and co-prosperity alongside cooperating traders and all business acquaintances in the hope of enduring and positive relationships.
5. Construction activity
 We shall not simply provide the sale of goods but also ensure their safety with the construction service.In construction, to meet customers' requests cordially and with professional awareness, we shall handle operations.
6. Overseas business activity
 We shall, as a company which promotes its safe universal values worldwide, respect international rules and local conventions and contact with global individuals with our opening attitude.
7. Procurement activity
 We shall wholeheartedly promote communication with suppliers and strive to maintain mutual satisfaction in trade to promote enduring relations and a group bond.

■Chapter 2 Toward society
1 Public relations activity
 We shall, as an open company, with accurate and timely disclosure of information, strive to establish highly transparent relations with all stakeholders.
2. Local contribution activity
 We shall, beyond the provision of products and services alone, energetically work on anti-crime activity and actively contribute to the safety of local society.
3. Political and religious activity
 We shall respect the political and religious freedom of members however in line with our business purpose, request moderation concerning such involvement.
4. Traffic safety
 We shall, as an essential element of sales, ensure unceasing vigilance and effort in traffic safety.
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